Meet Lydia

Q & A

Who are your main influences?

I would say that many folks have contributed to the professional that I am today. The value that I have acquired from my team members, colleagues, associates, managers, directors and senior leadership have provided me with a unique collection of skills that are distinguishing factors. However, I must answer that the main influence is an outstanding professional and my very first manager in the healthcare industry, who remains my mentor to this day, and supported making my career successes a reality. This manager offered an opportunity to join a prestigious health plan company which enabled me to see a new perspective outside of my clinical expertise and knowledge. He has always believed in me, listened attentively to my trepidations as well as motivated and inspired my personal and professional growth to define what success would mean to me. His guidance and suggestions led to my accomplishments of an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree and eventually the challenge of undertaking and completing a Master’s In Public Health, while working full time. In sync with having a mom and dad who positively influenced me to strive to be goal oriented and well organized, this mentor stated the extraordinary truth to me by saying, “there is nothing impossible for you to achieve if you truly want it.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?

This is difficult to answer because for me, I feel that I have had a few incredible accomplishments that started out as what seemed to be considerable challenges and resulted in wonderful outcomes. A significant accomplishment was the creation of a Process Improvement to support the sales and marketing team. The dental product had been siloed from other lines of business in the health plan company which is not unusual in plans that offer different lines of business. The missing component for the sales team when pitching dental products along with medical products was to demonstrate the “wow” factor of our dental plans. I developed tools for sales which emphasized client services, actual hand holding and created marketing product presentations to answer the question, “why are you a better dental plan than the other plans?” One of the first dental contracts after using this approach succeeded in gaining a Union contract bringing on 200,000 additional members to the plan. Paralleling this accomplishment was my determination to increase a provider network in a very challenging market with another Process Improvement that streamlined the credentialing and contracting operation by close to 50% which allowed members to visit their dentists within a short time after they enrolled into the plan as well as having satisfied providers. We increased the network size 15% annually with high retention and only averaging 2-3% loss from provider resignations.
I would be remiss if I did not mention another great achievement which were the research and educational programs created by the students that I mentored. One program educated Chinese speaking CAIPA (Chinese American Independent Physicians Association) pediatricians, on the significance of prevention and a training program on how to apply fluoride varnish to infants 6 months to 2 years old. Another program outlined the oral systemic connection aimed towards the senior population and was presented to senior citizens at various workshops. The value of teaching folks the connection between Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease and their oral health, offered an awareness that was immeasurable.

What tools do you use?

Being serious and meticulous about any projects and work that I do, my first priority is to incorporate tools that maintain and focus on organization. This is especially understood as an experienced remote workerbee. I use calendar apps across all of my devices to stay focused. I am certain to have mobile hot spots, remote desktop software and MS Office available. I maintain sufficient cloud storage for my files. Depending on the project or job, it is important to have sharing tools such as Zoom or Ring Central to maintain seamless communication. Using social media platforms such as Linked In and Twitter are a remarkable tool and proven effective for me for getting communications out during the pandemic and currently continuing to be significant in post pandemic times as we achieve a positive and successful new normal. Most importantly, I have updated and maintain effective security tools to continuously monitor my work PC.

Why did you choose your profession?

I fell in love with dentistry while working as a part time four-handed dental assistant while in high school. I enjoyed experiencing the art, science and technology of the profession. It was a natural transition to become a dental hygienist and continue in the profession. However, as I am driven to continuously learn and research oral health after years of private practice work and bursting with knowledge by my continued education, I entered the dental benefits industry. Since I am motivated by challenges, variety and opportunities, I discovered that I could continue my learning and make a difference to oral health by using my dental assistant training and my dental hygiene experience in the dental benefits industry. I started slowly by learning the soup to nuts of the industry from Managed Care to PPO insurance. I attended every professional meeting I could, and academic studies on the oral health and systemic health connection and became more passionate about the profession. I still do whatever is required to satisfy the needs of my providers, my clients and my employer. What motivates me today is seeing that there is change in the world of dentistry and finally after years of conversations, presentations, meetings and gatherings of all kinds, we are shifting into a world of technology for the dental profession as well as realizing that the medical-dental transition for quality of care and the delivery of healthcare to the whole patient is just on the horizon. I came to realize that this is why I chose my profession to make a positive difference in the health of patients by offering health care awareness and to communicate the importance of the medical-dental connection. And, fortunately be able to engage in the technology of Artificial Intelligence and see great strides being made with laser therapies and acceptance of teledentistry which was brought to greater light by the Pandemic.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I am working on two projects. One is to design a workshop for caregivers of developmentally disabled adults. There is a need to educate and communicate oral hygiene care and prevention to this audience. I am working to identify the patient needs and I am looking to resolve any barriers that get in the way of access to care.

The second project is to identify dental providers that I have had long term relationships with and networking these dentists to a new technology company. My goal is to educate, encourage use and offer awareness to the providers about this new technology available to the dental profession. The technology reinforces evidence based quality of care and also supports their practice management.

Interests & Hobbies

Jazz / Swing Dancing

Dog & Nature Lover




I worked with Lydia to help support the marketing and communications efforts of our company’s dental payment integrity services for nearly two years. As a healthcare marketer, it is important to be able to work with senior business partners that truly know their product & service inside and out – and Lydia is this person. I always appreciated her deep-rooted knowledge of the dental industry and ability to disseminate changes across all levels of the organization. With dual backgrounds in both clinical and business worlds, Lydia is one of those people that can effectively communicates to cross-functional teams to help ensure all are aligned. She will make a fantastic asset to any healthcare firm that she joins in the future.

Hope Guyer, Marketing Services Manager at MultiPlan

I have worked closely with Lydia Barad over the past two years as part of a strategic partnership between our two companies. She has shown herself to have an outstanding ability to work with all of her team members and build relationships that contribute to the overall success of any project she is associated with. Lydia is one of the most positive people I have ever met and her upbeat approach is contagious. She is organized, detail-oriented, professional, and has a vast clinical knowledge that always proves helpful. She is a huge asset to any team she is a part of.

Todd Pollack, Reviewing Dentist at Guardian Life

I have known and worked with Ms. Barad over the past 20 plus years at the same companies, together and apart. Lydia is an exceptional professional who has the right tools to support, sustain and grow a product. Lydia is well respected within the healthcare industry. Lydia encourages collaboration which results in positive growth for that product. Lydia guides her team by example. Work smart, be creative, forward thinking and growth driven by proven outcomes. Lydia possesses strong leadership skills which promote her team and encourages collaboration with all teams enterprise wide.

Mary Mehmel, Director, Patient Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Lydia Barad over the past 20 years. As a large multi office provider, she has been instrumental in streamlining issues, providing oversight and direction and implementing programs for us that are advantageous to the member, practitioner and health plan. Not only is she extremely professional, effective and innovative, but she displays a passion for her work and for pubic health care as a whole. Having the experience as a clinical practitioner in hygiene and then navigating the insurance side gives her a unique approach to analyzing a situation and coming up with a dynamic approach. Lydia approaches every situation with the same intensity and enthusiasm and as a peer continues to inspire and motivate me each time I have the pleasure to work with her

Katherine Beccarino, Director at ADO